Emily offers a variety of editing services for writers at all levels of experience. Here are her rates; for additional services, please inquire.

Read-throughs with notes: Reading fee (see below) plus hourly.

Read-through: $250 for 100-150 pages; $300 for 150-200; $375 for 200+

Hourly editing work: $75/hour.

Proofreading: $75/hour.

Copyediting/Line-editing: Read-through plus hourly rate applies.

Manuscript development and consultation: Minimum 2 meetings, plus reading and hourly rates. Ongoing feedback after a break is recommended. 

Meetings: In person, $75/hour (first free); also available via Skype/FaceTime, email, or phone. Hourly rate applies.

I’m always looking to save money where I can, so I hemmed and hawed about hiring a copy editor for my young-adult novel. I finally bit the bullet and contacted Emily Russin on the recommendation of an award-winning YA author who has worked with her. I’m so glad I did. Emily was thorough and insightful. Her spelling, grammar and style edits made my novel cleaner and much more professional (She changed all my (“) into actual quote marks vs. the inches symbol!). Her suggestions regarding word choice, pop-culture references and possible cuts were also welcome. She completed the work quickly and for an affordable price. Bottom line: It was well worth the investment, and I now have a polished novel to send to prospective agents and publishers!
— Pam, Seattle